The Business Development Specialists

Our aim is to help Oil and Gas, Renewable Energy and Information Technology companies internationalise their business. Our core expertise lies in the areas of identifying, understanding and opening new business in overseas markets.

Strategic Analysis

Clear, logical, rational insight into one or a number of markets.

Development Recommendations

Broad experience proposing the optimal route for entering and developing markets.

Tactical Plan Implementation

Almost 25 years’ experience of successful delivery.


Ongoing counsel is just part of the service.

We Believe in Being
Honest, Straight Talkers

Taking the time to get to know you, your company culture, your priorities and your objectives. All our recommendations are therefore customised to each client requirement but are underpinned with outcomes based on logical, rational and pragmatic thinking and are above all beneficial to the bottom line business.

Case Studies

Why Choose Malone Consultancy?

Unlike the more traditional management consultancies, which tend to focus on numerical and historical information, we prefer to discover and understand not just the current trends and dynamics affecting markets, but provide insight into where markets may move in the future.

Understanding the issues that affect market entry or development is one of the key selling propositions for Malone Consultancy; experience which has been honed over almost a quarter of a century.


Years of experience offering strategic marketing and business development advice to a range of companies who wanted to develop internationally.

Get a Personal Consultation

Whatever your strategic marketing needs, Malone Consultancy has the experience to help you identify your objectives, understand your international markets and formulate tailored development plans.

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