Strategic Marketing

Strategic marketing is a diverse and challenging area. At the very heart of any successful business, it comprises a wide range of disciplines, from branding identity, management and solutions to the creation and development of strategic marketing or business plans and their implementation, from conception to completion. Whatever your strategic marketing needs, Malone Consultancy has the experience to help you identify your objectives, understand your international markets and formulate tailored development plans.

Malone Consultancy has experience of strategic marketing in the following areas:

Strategic Business & Marketing Plans

Undertaking a strategic planning process will not only help companies understand where their current performance is in relation to customers, competitors and the overall market requirements. It also provides a real incentive to prioritise and focus on the key goals necessary to deliver a competitive advantage.

Market & Product Audits

This is essential to help identify and outline the factors ensuring development of a new market or existing product expansion scenario. The feedback from these can also significantly affect product roadmap development plans.

Competitor Analysis

As an independent consultancy Malone can approach companies, directly or indirectly to better understand, anticipate and counter potential competitive threats.

New Market Entry or Development Plans

Faced with a number of potential expansion options, Malone can help identify, quantify, understand and recommend strategies and plans for entering a new geographical market, or aiding the expansion into an existing or sub-sector market(s).

Channel Partner Strategy

What is the best approach to expand overseas? Malone can help review the optimal sales channel approach for new international markets and advise on a range of topics, from direct or indirect entry, identifying and assessing potential partners or negotiating with partners, through to developing Channel Partner Marketing Programmes.

Marketing Propositioning & Messaging

In today’s demanding world, it’s not sufficient to create and deliver the best engineered products as customers want solutions that meet their business needs and companies must not only understand these but invest time and effort in developing communications materials which address fundamental customer business drivers; another area where Malone has experience.

Branding Guideline Development

Aligned to the marketing message creation and delivery is the essential requirement for creating a consistent look and feel for all communications, whether on a website, within company or product collateral, or on visual displays at exhibitions. Malone has experience in creating the Templates necessary for delivery of communications consistency, whether in support of direct or indirect sales channels.

Tactical Marketing

Malone Consultancy has experience of tactical marketing in the following areas:

Marketing Campaign Management

Malone has extensive experience of planning and implementing various marketing campaigns internationally, whether directly or through agency suppliers. This may be activity relating to conducting market research, generating sales leads, encouraging website visitation, profile raising, exhibition attendance or partner recruitment and support.

Product Launch Management

Malone can help with managing all component of a new product launch, from planning through to actual delivery. Or, if there is a requirement for maximising customer retention through a product migration project, we have experience in this area too.

Communications Management

Planning and managing communications initiatives is one of Malone’s key strengths. Whether this involves planning activities, or organising the preparation or production of sales collateral, newsletters, press releases, white papers, case studies or materials to support sales partners, Malone has the relevant experience.

Event Management

Attending exhibitions overseas, planning customer educational or hospitality activities, organising prospective customer road shows, seminars or site visits; these are all areas Malone can offer support.

Partner Marketing Programme Management

Malone has experience in designing and developing various partner support programmes whether through strategic templates or tactical campaigns in support of creating new business.

Digital Marketing Management

Interested in utilising digital marketing tools and techniques to improve your online profile, generate online campaigns or better manage your customer communications, Malone will work with clients to select the most appropriate channel and implement cost effective and pragmatic activities.

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